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According to the research done by numerous independent organisations and institutions transport generates 6.7 gigatons of carbon dioxide (GtCO2) every year. This amounts to 22% of the total global CO2 emission. The researchers even coined a term “global carbon budget” to describe how much CO2 could be emitted to the atmosphere without causing irreversible environmental changes (temperature increase by 2°C, coral reefs disappearance, unstoppable ice sheets melting). At the end of 2012 the global carbon budget was estimated to 500 GtCO2. At the current level of CO2 emission, which amounts to 31 GtCO2 a year, we will have spent the remaining carbon budget in less than 13 years. This is why MykPaczka’s goal is to neutralize the negative influence transport has on environment.

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There are lots of ways to minimize the amount of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere. Producing renewable energy is one of them. Statistically speaking, transport of a 3-30 kg parcel within Europe generates 1.05 kilograms of carbon dioxide (kgCO2). Production of 1 kWh green energy prevents 0.97 kgCO2 from being emitted to the atmosphere if the conventional methods of producing energy were used. This means that sending 1 parcel can be neutralized by producing 1.08 kWh green energy. We aim to accomplish our goal by building and maintaining photovoltaic and wind farms that will produce 1.1 kwh energy for each parcel sent with us.

How? Infographics
MykPaczka shall strive to produce 1.1 kWh
of green energy for each parcel sent with us.

For whom?

The easiest answer is: for everyone... but mostly for those who care for cost minimization as much as they care for the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. No matter if you sent one parcel a month or import five containers a week, you will get competitive prices and professional service. You will also get an access to ecostatistics and a certificate of ecologistics - the ecobadge. Have we mentioned that all of these is free of charge and does not require your engagement?

Do more with every parcel you sent:
  • Save your time and money
  • Get your partners and customers to trust you more
  • Neutralize the negative influence transport has on environment
Cost minimisation
Environmental care
Corporate Social Responsibility





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Consulting and outsourcing of logistics services and limiting the negative influence transport has on the environment.



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