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If you send documents and time and reliability are of utmost importance.

There are many situations where a regular postal mail cannot meet your requirements. Sending important business documents, a governmental letter or a forgotten driving license has never been that smooth and easy.

  1. Sea Cargo Tech delivers sea freight services. Each day they help their customers transport containers all over the world. This service requires sending a great amount of documents without which a container cannot be shipped. It is time and reliability that count. Cost of sending an A4 envelope: 25 zł excl. VAT (delivery guaranteed the next working day by noon).
  2. Grzegorz lives in Italy and is planning to rent a car tomorrow but, unfortunately, he left his driving license back at home in Poland. Cost of service: 70 zł incl. VAT (delivery guaranteed the next day).


Reliable door-to-door service in an attractive price.

Thanks to collaboration with leading courier companies we can offer you door-to-door parcel service of highest quality. Whether you want your parcel to be shipped across the country or across the globe we guarantee professional service and competitive prices. We can, of course, even import a parcel to you from whichever place in the world.

  1. Jacek bought a home theatre amplifier in an online shop. The shop offered to send it to him for 30 zł. Our price is 18.40 zł incl. VAT (delivery next day, shipment insured).
  2. Michał sold his old laptop on e-bay. The buyer wants to pay on delivery. Using our service Michał can offer the lowest domestic delivery price on the market: 22 zł incl. VAT (delivery next day, pay on delivery, shipment insured).
  3. Anna's son lives in France. She wants to send him a collection of his vinyl records. For that she will pay only 98.50 zł incl. VAT (delivery within 3 days, shipment insured).


Safe transport of goods up to 1 ton.

For many companies shipping goods on pallets in the basis of their business. That is why we address our offer especially to them. We guarantee tailor made offers that will suit just your needs.

  1. HySolution based in Gdynia imports heavy steel parts (up to 1 ton) on pallets from the manufacturer in Katowice every second week. For this service they pay 120 zł excl. VAT.
  2. Biokamin based in Łódź sends an iron fireplace that weights 160 kg on a half-pallet to their client in Szczecin. For that they pay 75 zł incl. VAT.
  3. Drewbud based in Zielona Góra sells wood floors. They want to sent 3 meters long skirting boards made of rare exotic wood to their client in Olsztyn. For that they pay 65 zł excl. VAT.


Leading freighters at your fingertips.

Last but not least, we offer land and sea freight of 20 ft and 40 ft containers. We have regular connections between Asia and Europe and America and Europe but we are not limited to these routes. We offer complete transport and customs services for both import and export.

  1. AutoConsult based in Zakopane is planning to import car parts from the USA. The cost of transporting a box full of car parts on a Euro-pallet (EPAL-pallet) in a bulk container: 384 zł (VAT not applicable; Please note: freight costs are updated on a weekly basis)
  2. An IT company Alexcon based in Wroclaw imports computer components from China. The goods are transported in a 20 ft container. Freight price: 3890 zł (VAT not applicable; Please note: freight costs are updated on a weekly basis)

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